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Hi, welcome to my website. My name is John and I am passionate about helping people to overcome challenges in their lives. I am a qualified counsellor and registered member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).

My journey started when I found counselling to be of great help after spending many years feeling lost, experiencing low mood and anxiety and generally being unhappy with the person I had become.


Through counselling I was able to find direction and work out what I needed to do to live a happier, healthier life. This journey has not been easy but it has been rewarding and has led me to want to help others.

As well as being a private practice counsellor I am also a coach at 1000dayssober.com where I help people who want to give up drinking alcohol.

Please read through the information on the website and by all means contact me if you are unsure about anything regarding the counselling process. 




There are many approaches to counselling which can be confusing for someone seeking the help of a qualified practitioner. I was trained as a person-centred counsellor and believe in this approach as the theory relies heavily on the relationship between client and counsellor. I am also capable of providing a more directive approach where appropriate (see "How I work").


Generally, person-centred counselling can help individuals of all ages, with a range of personal issues. Many people find it an appealing type of therapy because it allows them to keep control over the content and pace of sessions, and there is no worry that they are being evaluated or assessed in any way.


The non-direct style of person-centred counselling is thought to be more beneficial to those who have a strong urge to explore themselves and their feelings, and for those who want to address specific psychological habits or patterns of thinking.


The approach is said to be particularly effective in helping individuals to overcome specific problems and most other mental health concerns. 

Some of the reasons people seek counselling are: 

            Personal Development             Addictions         Trauma                Anxiety                   Stress         Depression                  Bereavement                Anger                   Phobias               Self-confidence

              Low self-esteem               Emotional or Physical Abuse               Loss of direction                         Relationship difficulties                   Positive Change                   Loneliness                 Loss

How I work

Although my basic training is in person-centred counselling I will always respond to client needs which may mean using other approaches that are within my capability. I also use CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy techniques) when appropriate and have experience in using the Rewind Technique for PTSD. 


Where the clients needs are not suited to my style of therapy we could discuss working with a more suitable counsellor or appropriate health care professional or agency. 


I work alongside you to explore what it is you want from counselling and hopefully help you move forward feeling happier and with more clarity. Talking through things with someone who will listen properly and without judgement, can help you to unravel the issues you have brought to counselling and help you to make sense of them. 

 I am not an expert on all things, nor am I  here to tell you how to live your life.

Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you like about the counselling process. If you are happy to go ahead with counselling we can then arrange a time that suits us both and meet at the counselling suite. People are often nervous on the first appointment which is to be expected so please don't let this deter you from attending. You may well decide after one or two sessions that my style of counselling is not for you or simply you feel another counsellor would be better. I respect that finding the right counsellor for you is very important as trust and openness are key to a successful counselling process and above all, you need to feel comfortable with your counsellor.


On the first session we will discuss the counselling process and then we will begin our work together. A counselling session will last for 50 minutes and is normally done weekly on the same day and time. However, I do understand that circumstances often change so can be flexible from week to week where possible. Weekly sessions are recommended initially then we may look at fortnightly and even monthly if that is appropriate and you are happy with this arrangement. You can cease our work together at any time and there is no pressure to see me any longer than you wish to.


I am a member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) which means I am bound by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and Professional Conduct Procedure.

To read the BACP Ethical Framework click here

To find out more about the BACP click here 

You can also view my profile on the Counselling Directory website here


I work with anyone over the age of 18 in a safe, non-judgemental environment and I have the use of offices in Westhoughton and Little Hulton where sessions will take place. Please see interactive map below.


Free initial telephone consultation

50 minute session: £40

Sessions can be done face to face, online (zoom) or telephone

Payment can be made using cash, cheque or bank transfer

I do not currently offer counselling for couples.


                                          Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me using your preferred method below. If I am not available I will usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Tel: 07717 048748           Email: johnzbell@yahoo.co.uk

If you need to speak to someone right away contact your GP or if you are having suicidal thoughts click here 

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"I am very grateful and thankful for the work you have done with me over the past year: I would never have thought that I could actually feel like this after so many years in the doldrums and I feel as though I am starting out afresh on so many things - and at last I can look forward to many years ahead of enjoying life and finding peace within myself."

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